2016 - Year of the Burnet Rd Rezoning Plan
This year, the City of Austin will begin planning how land will be zoned in the future along the Burnet Rd and Anderson Ln corridors.  The new zoning will come from categories developed by the CodeNext Land Development Code rewrite.  It will also define capital spending priorities. 

Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin (SN) was founded in 2007 by local activists to prepare for exactly this process.  SN brings over nine years of visioning and analysis to bear on the early suburban conditions of North Central Austin, and especially on the Burnet Rd corridor.  SN has a detailed white paper that lays out a workable strategy for achieving City of Austin goals while also preserving our existing diverse community, one where children and their families don't get pushed out to the suburbs. 
This will be a hugely challenging process. The biggest risk is lack of community trust in City of Austin planning and subsequent implementation.   But we hope that the preparation of our organization and allied community organizations, plus the focus and leadership of our own district member on City Council, will result in a better outcome than could otherwise be. 

See our calendar page for planning events, starting with our SN meeting on January 27, 2016, "Preconditions for a Successful Burnet Rd Plan," North Village Library, 7 PM.  


Burnet Corridor Plan Blog

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    Posted Jan 11, 2016, 6:16 PM by Steven Zettner
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Our Community has planted a Forest along North Central Austin's Commercial Streets.  

Lamar Middle School, Burnet @ 2222 - 11 trees - 10/3/2010

Farmer's Market/Frisco's area - 10 trees - 3/13/2011

Lamar Middle School, new pick-up area - 2 trees - 12/1/2011

N. Lamar Blvd at 2222 - 9 trees - 12/10/2011 

Waterboxxes installed at 9 bus stops - 20 trees - 3/11/2012

McCallum HS & N Lamar Blvd - 20 trees - 10/13/2012

Burnet Rd north of Anderson Ln - 31 trees - 11/10/2012  

Burnet Rd between 2222 and Anderson - 27 trees - 3/9/2013

7001, 8440 Burnet- 17 trees - 10/19/2013  - Thanks Treefolks for your help!

6501, 7101, 7501 blocks of Burnet Rd - 14 trees - 3/16/2014  - Thanks Aristocrat Lounge (Poodle Dog) for sponsoring

6801, 6901 Burnet Rd - 19 trees - 11/15/2014
Total street trees under SN maintenance:  170

Lamar student struck crossing White Rock near Burnet-2222.  SN's proposal for a community gateway at the intersection will help reduce risk to pedestrians.
 Sam We Can!

Watch our tragicomedy about the journey of a little girl along Anderson Ln, in search of a playground.  Sam's quest is for all the people who already live on Anderson, and who will in the future.   


Watch our video explaining mixed use, the value of open space, and the gap that must be overcome to achieve pedestrian-friendliness in areas zoned for mixed use in North Central Austin.


Our vision

SN's vision is to have new development implemented in North Central Austin in a way that is sustainable and neighborhood-friendly.  (Click here to read full vision statement)








Our vision for a senior-friendly village center at North Loop    


 New Urbanist Peter Calthorpe proposes live-work for sites between village centers

Austin Families and Children Task Force Report Recommends Pocket Parks, Family-Friendly Development