This is the October 2012 Tree-Planting Project Plan.  It will show project steps and who has committed to do what.  Please check it periodically and communicate to what you are doing so everyone can stay on the same page.

Action Items:

Site and tree analysis:
1. Kat to review sites on Anderson Ln, make recommendations for about 10 trees

1. Steven to investigate HEB grant.  -  They require a federal 501C3 exemption letter, which we don't have yet 

3. Kat to see about IBM contact
4. Kat to look into CNA,
5. Jonathan to attend 8/13 VCCW meeting for funding of Crestview-Brentwood trees
6. Kat to talk to manager of Craigo's pizza about donating pizza
7. Peggy to investigate other opportunities, incl. Habitat Stewards
8. Steve to follow up with NSCNA, Wooten NA for contributions
9. Steven to put out listserv updates to drive contributions - everyone to respond to updates to raise profile

--Steven to prepare grant proposal for Urban Forestry Program  - see draft below, attached
--From Beth - $1000/mo grants.   Applied - 7/10
-- Steven to approach NSC, Wooten NAs
-- Steven to post draft grant proposals to this site for reference 

1. Listserv announcements
2. Treefolks and KAB lists
3. Peggy to announce to Habitat Stewards
4. Boy scouts (talk to David Mintz in Allandale)
5. McCallum honor students
6. UT volunteer day?

1. Kat to write up article for newsletters, to drive donations
2. Contact TV, newspapers (press release?)

4. Project plan

Plan Refinement:

1. Tree planting date for Burnet is Saturday September 22 from 9 am to 12 noon. Rain date is Sat Sep 29 9 to noon.   People can arrive at 8:30 for training.  Tree planting for Crestview-Brentwood is Oct 13 9 to 12.
4. Morning work will be on the west side of Burnet from Steck to Ohlen and a couple north of Penny - 13 trees (mostly 5g trees)
6. This will include training on waterboxx installation

Kat - We could also provide a large cooler of water and maybe even some free coffe from genuine joe. They always give to tree and park projects in the hood. I've got two folding tables for the refreshment hub. We'll need a few trash bags and a roll of paper towels. Volunteers need to bring tools, gloves, water bottle of whatever else they think they need.

Project checklist:

# Step Target Date Owner Notes
1 Perform inventory of potential tree locations in the target area, for both small and large trees, with account of City planning 21-Jun Zettner  Attached below 
2 Prioritize locations based on traffic-reducing value, feedback from other stakeholders, and watering opportunities 12-Jul    
3 Create project plan, set preliminary planting date 12-Jul   Determine approximate mix and container size of trees
Decide if project will include swales/berms
4 Get SN non-profit status sorted out so we can collect funds via PayPal 12-Jul Zettner  7/3 - PayPal released hold on account. 7/2 - We actually don't have to file federal exemption request because our revenues are under $5k.  
5 Solicit feedback and support interest from neighborhoods, urban forestry team, Public Works, ATD/TxDOT, other sympathetic stakeholders July    
6 Selectively solicit feedback, support interest (including water access) from adjacent property owners 12-Jul  Donnelly, Adair, Seymour, Rhoden  7/3 - Burnet Rd Animal Hospital to sponsor trees! (Go Brent!)  7/10 - strip center near Buell is remodeling, adding restaurant - INTERESTED
7 Adjust plan based on initial level of support, assessment of available resources July    
8 Submit grant requests (KAB, urban forestry grants, other) July    
9 Pursue local fund-raising July to September   Utilize local listervs + city-wide resources, like KAB, treefolks
10 Adjust plan based on early fund-raising results August    
11 Sign agreement with ATD August    
12 Confirm planting date August    
13 If needed, get liability insurance August    We already have insurance
14 Recruit volunteers for planting, watering September   Utilize local listervs + city-wide resources, like KAB, treefolks
15 Hire or contract with waterers (students?) September, October    
16 Pre-order trees (may or may not involve deposit) September   If planting liners, place nursery order.  7/10 - no Treefolks trees available this season.
17 Do a ONE-CALL utilities check September    
18 Buy or acquire other items (water, refreshments, mulch, stakes and ties, trunk protectors fertilizer) October    
19 Arrange tools, buckets, dolly, pliers, knife, tape measure, camera October    
20 Buy and transport trees October    
21 PLANT TREES October X    
22 On day of planting, bring water rotation sign-up October X    
23 Create website page with rotation, detailed watering directions P+2    
24 Send weekly reminders to waterers P+5    

Project Scope:

1. There are about 125-135 potential places to plant trees on Burnet between Anderson and 183. Most of the spots are on the North Shoal Creek side because there is more ROW there.
2. For the October 2012 planting season, we will determine how many trees we can plant based on the success of the current waterboxx trial, and on how many trees we can support watering plans for.

4" liners for waterboxxes, otherwise 5-gallon container trees

Large or medium trees:
Monterrey White Oak - evergreen, oak-wilt resistant, 40 ft height, 35 ft spread
Texas Red Oak - deciduous, 40 ft height, 25 ft spread
Anacua - evergreen, 45 ft height, 40 ft spread, fast-growing
Big-tooth maple

Nina Hawkins from Treefolks:  "I have heard only good things about Anacua. They are drought resistant as all get-out and interesting looking too. It does freeze back in North Texas but we should rarely have that problem with them here. Here's a little more info from NPIN - a great resource!  " - nursery near Victoria, sells 1g Anacuas for $14.50. Madrone nursery in San Marcos  512-353-3944 seem to have Anacuas

Big-tooth maples - deciduous, 40/25.

They are kind of hard to find.  But I certainly haven't heard anything negative about them, other than rumors about them grow well in certain spots and not doing well at all in other areas of Austin.  The following is my best guess:  They are native to this area in the Edwards Plateau, so it probably has to do with  the soil composition - better in calcareous, rocky soils than in the clays.  These trees grow in canyons where they receive runoff water.  So, I'm not sure that a flat ROW with fill dirt would be the best environment for them.  If you have some areas that are inclined, where they'll get runoff, but not inundation would probably be best.

In regards to the size, our Tree Growing Guide that we created in partnership with Austin Energy and the 2 below are somewhat variable.  I would think that in a street environment it would stay pretty small, maybe even shrubby, unless it were irrigated.

Utility-compatible small trees:
Yaupon Holly - evergreen, slow-growing
Mexican Plum
Texas Redbud

Urban tree care article -


1) Shu-Shu's,  -  They are ok with 1 medium tree, 1 small tree on Burnet, and 3 small trees on Ohlen
2) the Dairy Queen   - not against, will ask some questions
3) strip center on NW corner of Burnet@Buell     -  Property owner worried about sign visibility.  Trying to get meeting with developer of restaurant remodel to understand what they are doing 
4) Burnet Road Animal Hospital  - will water 2 trees! 
5) EduCare - business is ok with trees, but we need to buffer them from parking 
6) Cavender Boots    -  interested - asked us to submit proposal to corporate office

7) strip center with Sarovar/Slick Willie's/Common Interest  - No response - wait until next Spring

8) Auto supply center south of Waterloo Ice House  - not supportive
9) Strip center on NW corner of Rockwood -  not supportive
10) Aquatek - property owner worried about liability

See attached 'Capture' for details on where CapMetro will install their BRT shelters.  James Gamez suggested deferring plantings at these locations since any trees would be at risk during construction.  T


1. The biggest risk is whether the Slick Willies center will oppose planting trees. Their site has capacity for up to 20 trees.
2. Dairy Queen is the second biggest risk - they have a strategic location where we need trees
3. Fund raising is the final unknown at this time.

Project Constraints:
1. The big potential constraint is proximity to utility poles. Different sources have given us different rules about how close we can be - 10 ft, 14 ft or 20 ft. If it's 20 ft, we're in trouble. If it's 10 or 14 ft, we're good. Alan Hughes from COA Transportation Dept is going to check on this for us. 

Planning Committee:

Zettner, Randow, Donnelly, Adair, Rhoden, Correa, Burek

Planting & Maintenance Committee:
Arellano, Whitworth, Seymour, Ray, Baker, Burek, Gregory

Business Outreach Script:

"The Pitch"
1. Pick one or two less strategic business prospects to try this out first and practice, before going to the more strategic prospects
2. Call ahead, get name, phone, email of business manager.  Ask when a good time would be to drop by to talk. If they ask purpose, say "we're planting trees in the public Right of Way this October and wanted to discuss it with you before hand." 
3. Some people prefer phone or email. Be flexible in how to communicate.
4. Send the contact info and any intel to Steven so we can be building up a rolodex. Check on number of trees or other details relevant to that business so you have facts to share.
5. At the meeting, do the following:

-- Introduce yourself, explain you're with a non-profit, Sustainable Neighborhoods, that works with area neighborhood associations on planting trees along Burnet
-- The goal of the tree-plantings is to make it easier for nearby residents, especially people in apartments, to reach local businesses (restaurants especially benefit)
-- Show color pictures - the tree map (attached below), pictures of trees we've already planted (attached below)
-- Use the pictures to show that it will be many years before the trees reach maturity, so there's no short-term impact to visibility.  But longer term, more and more people will be reaching businesses by foot, bike or transit.  So the trees are a win-win.
-- Tell them we won't plant trees where adjacent businesses are opposed.  But we'll plant bigger trees where adjacent businesses are supportive and can help with watering.
-- Mention the Infiniti dealership support.  "They want to plant big live oaks, just like the developer is doing at 8100 Burnet."
-- If the business is near Ohlen, mention the rapid bus stop being planned for in front of Shu-Shus.  Amount of foot traffic is going to increase in next few years.
-- Ask what they think.
-- If they are willing to sponsor us, we will arrange promotion of their business in nearby neighborhoods
-- Desired outcomes:  1) avoid a "No"  2) if they have water, we can use it  3) they would help water or donate towards the project
6. Send email thank you if they didn't give a hard "No."

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