The following is a list of books, articles, or websites with information about urban planning.  Books can be borrowed from SN members. The list can be sorted by category by clicking on the "Sort" header in the first column and then selecting "A-Z".
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Impacts  Smart Growth Environmental Impacts   
Impacts  High Density Development Myth vs Fact booklet  
New Urbanism  New Urbanism - Peter Calthorpe vs Lars Lerup (Michigan Debates on Urbanism 2005) Book 
Land Use  The Urban Design Handbook (Urban Design Asscs 2003) Book 
Impacts  Visualizing Density (Lincoln Inst. of Land Use Policy 2007) Book 
New Urbanism  Creating Walkable Places (Urban Land Institute 2006) Book 
New Urbanism  Place Making - Developing Town Centers, Main Streets, and Urban Villages (Urban Land Inst. 2002) Book 
Transportation  Lincoln Land Institute article on light rail vs commuter rail  
New Urbanism  CNU projects database Database of "New Urbanist" projects around US, world 
New Urbanism  Charter of the New Urbanism Defines guiding principles for "New Urbanist" development, including parks, walkability, transit hubs. 
VMU NC Austin Allandale VMU articles 2006-2007  
Austin projects Austin Riverside planning process  
Austin projects NC Austin The Village VMU project  
Austin projects Austin Urban Austin links to emerging development projects 
Transportation Central Texas Austin traffic counts From CAMPO, the regional transportation planning entity 
VMU Austin City of Austin VMU site Includes maps with VMU properties identified 
Austin growth Central Texas ECT resources page Includes ECT vision for Central Texas 
Transportation NC Austin Capmetro  "Robust" transit solution proposed for Burnet Rd 
Transportation Central Texas CAMPO 2035 Plan The Central Texas regional comprehensive transportation plan. Highlights include proposed widening of Anderson Ln. 
Austin growth Austin City of Austin growth tracking page Includes map of emerging projects, demo and permits data 
Austin growth Austin City of Austin GIS viewer A powerful tool for researching Austin properties, zoning, dev cases 
Austin growth Austin City of Austin zoning and development resources Includes access to site plans, City ordinances, GIS and floodplain tools 
Transportation Austin Austin bike routes map  
Austin growth Austin M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile blog Love or hate him, it's hard to ignore Mike Dahmus and his opinions on Austin growth and transit 
Transportation Austin Austin Street Smarts Task Force City of Austin program to improve bicycle routes 
Land use  LA Times article on live-work This would be great on Burnet 
Land use  "Plain English" review of Oakland live-work ordinance  
Austin growth Austin City Code  
Transportation  Federal transit database  
Transportation  Thoreau Institute "Myth of Vanishing Automobile" blog Uber-libertarian take on transportation and urban planning. (Hence name of new website - "The Antiplanner") 
Transportation  Transit ridership data From Thoreau Institute, based on federal data 
Impacts  Density environmental impacts calculator  
Land Use Austin Watershed ordinance map NC Austin is in the Shoal Creek watershed, subject to the Urban Watershed Ordinance 
Land Use Austin Watershed applicability chart  
VMU NC Austin Rosedale VMU blog  
Impacts  Carbon footprint calculator at According to this calculator, someone commuting every workday from Cedar Park to downtown (11,040 miles/year at 25mpg) generates 3.8 tons of carbon a year. 
Impacts  Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems Austin-based green construction non-profit consutancy 
Open space  Project for Public Spaces Numerous resources on importance of and effective use of public open space 
Walkability Allegedly measures pedestrian-friendliness, by calculating distances to parks, schools, and coffee houses. Allandale gets a "somewhat walkable" score. 
Programs  Stimulus Watch This site lets ordinary citizens vote on the criticality of potential Federal spending projects. 
Austin Projects NC Austin Stimulus Watch - Burnet Rd sidewalks Proposed federal project for sidewalks on Burnet Rd 
Area Projects Austin Stimulus Watch - bicycle improvements Vote for federal funding to improve Austin bike routes 
Area Projects NC Austin Stimulus Watch - rails and trails Vote for bike/ped trails along CapMetro's commuter line 
Land Use  LEED Neighborhood Development Rating system for designing sustainable neighborhoods 
Open Space Austin City parks projects from 2006 Bond Package Map shows no new pocket parks near NC Austin corridors 
Open Space Austin PARD long-range plan  
Transportation  National Household Travel Survey Includes data on trips per day, by category 
New Urbanism Austin Central Texas Congress for New Urbanism  
Transportation  Study of European LR and urban density patterns Data are in metric system, but appear to indicate typical density within 1000' of LR line of about 8 units/ac. 
Transportation  Rapid Bus ridership study Compares speed and ridership for rapid bus vs regular bus 
Transportation  DOT paper on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Of interest to those trying to fathom MetroRapid on Burnet and Lamar. 
Urban Planning  Urban Places and Spaces Blog Has extensive list of resources on transportation, urban planning 
Open Space Austin  See attached doc at end of page. This lays out goals of an organization looking to make Austin's public spaces more attractive. 
Transportation  Brookings Report on Vehicle-Miles-Traveled VMT has actually been declining in the US since 2006 
Family-Friendly Design  Familty-friendly design article Cornell article laying out case for family-friendly design 
Transportation Austin SNAPP Austin, TX (SNAPPatx) blog  Lots of good articles on walking, biking, mass transit 
Open Space  How to acquire innovative urban parks Includes discussion of retention pond double-use 
Impacts  Waste water costs - suburban vs urban Study of waste water costs in Cleveland and Chicago, attempting to quantify in tangible way whether residential density matters in cost of municipal services 
Affordable Housing Austin Ed Wendler slide showing costs of different housing types  
Transportation  Trade-offs of owning car vs car-sharing service Surveys of car-sharing members reported in a Transportation Research Board (TRB) report on car-sharing indicated an average of about 6100 miles/yr. suggests 7500 miles/yr, and I've also seen lit stating 10,000 miles/yr. 
Family-friendliness  Family-friendliness and urban competitiveness In the next decade advantages will also fall to family-friendly regions, particularly as the current crop of millennial-generation graduates starts entering en masse their family-forming years. These factors, more than hipness or dense urbanity, may well be more influential in determining which regions do best in the ongoing war for talent. 
Land Use Austin Preferred Growth Scenario Schematic Map Shows approximate proposed density in Comp Plan 
Land Use Austin 1/5/11 version of Preferred Growth Scenario schematic map  
Land Use  Family-oriented infill housing in Portland Great article on family-friendly development in urban context 
Land Use  Portland guidelines for family-friendly development  
Open space  Urban tree care  
Open Space Austin Map of park gaps in Austin's urban core  
Impacts Austin Online form to report grafitti  
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