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About Sustainable Neighborhoods
Sustainable Neighborhoods was founded in November 2007 by members of the VMU and land use teams of four North Central Austin neighborhoood associations: Allandale, Crestview, North Shoal Creek, and Wooten.  We also work closely with the Brentwood Neighborhood Association, and occasionally the Highland Neighborhood Association, on corridor issues.

Our vision

SN's vision is to have new development implemented in North Central Austin in a way that is sustainable and neighborhood-friendly.  We imagine a number of distinctive neighborhood centers along the Core Transit Corridors, each with adequate open space to foster a sense of community, robust mass transit options to ameliorate traffic impact, and walkability not only on the arterials, but extending into the districts.  The centers should be attractive to a diverse demographic, including families and seniors.



Our strategy


Our strategy is to engage neighborhood associations, the City of Austin, and property owners in a positive discussion that achieves the goals of all three stakeholders.

Our goals for 2016

1. Influence City of Austin policies that establish greater credibility necessary for a successful Burnet Corridor plan.
    - Clear suitability criteria for where zoning transects and categories are, or are not, appropriate
    - Credible measures to protect long-term residents living in 'growth zones' subject to rising property taxes or rents

2. Advocate for elements in a Burnet Rd corridor plan that are consistent with the SN vision and goals. In particular:
    - minimum public space from CodeNext and Parks Department, arranged to support active transportation and strong community around BRT rapid transit stations
    - zoning and housing policies that ensure a 70% ratio of housing along Burnet that does not exclude any demographic, including households with children

3. Continue maintaining 170+ sidewalk trees planted along the Burnet, Anderson, Koenig and N Lamar corridors.
4. Participate in public input on execution of pedestrian/bicycle amenities along Burnet Rd by Public Works department.