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The Great Burnet Rd Sidewalk Tree Project

The following are three sidewalk tree-planting zones along Burnet Rd, based on planting conditions, beautification, value of shade to pedestrians, bicyclists and transit-users, and ability to influence the City to complete sidewalk gaps.   
Projects will also have to pass all approval milestones, as described in the Plan Detail sections.  Planting dates are Sunday October 9 and Sunday October 16 at 2 PM.
Value: From 10 to 15 trees, shading a planned MetroRapid rapid bus stop and sidewalks leading to it. The trees would screen an ugly parking lot.
Value: From 10 to 15 trees, adding a segment to a shaded sidewalk zone along Burnet, shading the bus stop at Greenlawn, and the intersection of Richcreek. 
Value: From 10 to 20 trees, adding a segment to a shaded sidewalk zone along Burnet, shading bus stops at Burnet Ln and Romeria, beautifying the area near Lamar MS.
For a complete inventory of all shade tree sites that we've documented around North Central Austin and site notes, and where we may plant in the future, go here
Plug for our business sponsors:
Frisco's  - watering 6 trees
Crossfit  6205-A Burnet - commit to water 5 trees