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Anderson Mopac bridge

 The area under the Anderson Ln-Mopac off-ramp may be big enough to provide one or more of several Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) features:  1. a commuter rail station; 2) a pedestrian trail connecting the north and south sides of Anderson Ln; 3) a road that would allow cars that came off Anderson east-bound into a park-and-ride to get back on Anderson west-bound without ever getting onto Shoal Creek Blvd. 
Any of these features are highly speculative and would need to be reviewed by transportation engineers.
This schema shows east-bound traffic on Anderson pulling off into a parking garage (blue box), then circling under the bridge (dotted line) to get back on Anderson west-bound.  None of this traffic ever reaches Shoal Creek Blvd. The location of the parking garage is speculative.
Another approach would place the park-and-ride facility near the Mopac access road.  This has the advantage that the park-and-ride is in public right-of-way and close to where a commuter station might be located.  Together with a commuter station, it could be offered as an incentive for private development of a TOD on either side of Anderson. The design could be multi-modal, with a road leading back to west-bound Anderson Ln elevated to clear the rail track and allow north-south pedestrian and bike traffic.  A disadvantage is that people would have to walk further to reach most near-by destinations.
The area under the Anderson on-ramp.  the entire area is surrounded by earthen berms and is relatively quiet. A commuter station here would be equally accessible to mixed use projects on either side of Anderson.  Obviously, some aesthetic improvement would be required.