Area-Wide Projects


SN's Tree Plantings - We are planting shade trees on commercial streets throughout North Central Austin.

Shaded sidewalk zone on Burnet - 2222 to 183 - SN is prioritizing tree-plantings along Burnet to shape a continuous shaded sidewalk zone from 2222 to 183. We are highlighting our tree-plantings in the hope that Public Works will finish sidewalk gaps on Burnet promised in the Strategic Mobility Plan.



7/11/11 - SN receives certificate of formation from Texas Secretary of State as a non-profit organization. This will make it easier for us to raise funds for our projects.

6/24/11 - SN submits application for a Keep Austin Beautiful grant to plant trees near Northcross. Results should be known at start of August.

6/22/11 - SN drops plan to submit a neighborhood matching grant. City of Austin staff were extremely helpful, but the program wasn't a good fit for this year's project.

6/10/11 - Volunteers implement twice-weekly watering of all Burnet trees planted since October, to offset the effects of the ongoing drought. Previously the trees were being watered once a week.

5/16/11 - Crossfit Central at 6205 Burnet has signed up to water trees to be planted this October.

5/2/11 - Sustainable Neighborhoods submits letter of intent for a City of Austin neighborhood matching grant to plant from 20 to 80 sidewalk trees along Burnet Rd. The initiative has the support of the Allandale Neighborhood Association. Not surprisingly, discussion with staff is around how to water the trees.

3/25/11 - Public Works fills in two small gaps on east side of Burnet between St Joseph and Anderson.

3/13/11 - SN and area neighbors plant 10 trees in vicinity of Farmer's Market, including at two bus stops.

3/13/11 - SN begins piloting Green Jug program to water street trees. Early results show it can have supplementary impact with relatively modest overhead.

3/10/11 - SN to investigate a neighborhood matching grant (in conjunction with Allandale, Crestview NA's) for irrigation of up to 20 trees at Burnet-Anderson MetroRapid station.

2/08/11 - Public Works includes 2222 sidewalk project in funded projects list for 2011-2012. No other Burnet Rd projects are funded.  Staff said that more engineering work is required before sidewalks can be implemented. SN at Urban Transportation Commission meeting explains importance of other Burnet sidewalk gaps, in particular from Richcreek to Northcross Blvd, and from Northcross to Anderson where MetroRapid station will go.

10/09/10 - SN submits list of high-priority sidewalk projects around Burnet to Public Works, including sidewalk on south side of 2222 from Burnet to Arroyo Seco, west side Burnet from Richcreek to Northcross, four gaps on Burnet south of Anderson.

10/03/10 - SN, Jarrett Landscape Architecture, and area neighbors plant 11 trees at the NW corner of Burnet and 2222, on the grounds of Lamar Middle School.

10/02/10 - SN submits request to Public Works for reevaluation of Burnet sidewalks PIMS score, including special consideration points for MetroRapid stations not considered in Sidewalks Plan criteria. No response received.

9/23/10 - Burnet Sidewalks project listed as an example of a possible project for ADA Compliance fund. Staff subsequently explain that Burnet Sidewalks project has been removed from proposed bond package.  Projects on Burnet will be prioritized like any other sidewalk projects around the City by Public Works, based on PIMS criteria in Sidewalks Plan (which has not been updated for several years).

6/17/10 - Strategic Mobility Open House shows Burnet Sidewalks in list of endorsed projects, to be funded from $10 million city-wide ADA Compliance fund. The fund will also pay for design studies of sidewalks on Lamar Blvd.

3/1/10 - Burnet Sidewalks between 45th and 183 officially included as "Group A" high priority gap project in the Strategic Mobility plan, with a score of 72. According to Transportation Department staff, Group A projects will be funded as part of the proposed Mobility Bond package. Bond package projects are intended to be distributed around the city - this is the only significant project near the Burnet Rd corridor south of 183.

Burnet-Anderson Projects


Burnet-Anderson Neighborhood Center - SN has attempted to influence City and CapMetro decisions that will lead to a neighborhood center oriented around the intersection of Burnet Rd and Anderson Ln.


4/10/11 - Per Todd Hemingson at CapMetro, it is too late to discuss moving planned Burnet-Anderson MetroRapid station to a location closer to the intersection.  The site will remain at Burnet-Northcross Blvd. The station could theoretically be moved at a later date.

3/17/11 - CapMetro confirms planned location for a MetroRapid (rapid bus) station in the vicinity of Burnet-Anderson is actually at the intersection of Burnet-Northcross, well to the south of where a neighborhood center would likely emerge.

3/4/11 - Local developer buys Lacks property near Burnet-Anderson.



Creek-side trail, north-south from Anderson to new Steck Library - Called the "Anderson Trail," this short trail will connect apartments and homes on Ashdale to commercial destinations on Anderson, thereby reducing area traffic and improving quality of life.



7/6/10 - Austin Transportation Department reprioritizes Anderson Trail project to "A list".  However, the project is not added as a line item entry to the Mobility Bond package.

11/15/09 - North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association passes motion of support for Anderson Trail.


Sidewalk segment - Richcreek to Northcross Blvd - SN has identified this short but complex sidewalk segment as a key priority to enable bicycle access to the Burnet-Anderson area from the south.



3/10/11 - Onsite meeting with Mike Curtis and Mark Cole from COA sidewalks team to discuss cost-benefit of filling sidewalk gap on one block of Burnet, thereby greatly improving north-south access. They agreed on value of segment.  Promised to look for reduced scope or savings from other projects that could fund it.



Creek-side trail, east-west from Foster Ln - a long-term concept that would use a creek running south of Foster Ln to provide east-west bike and pedestrian connectivity.

Metrorapid NW-SE line & Burnet-Anderson station placement - another long-term concept that add a rapid bus line route running down Jollyville Rd, then down to Anderson, then down Airport Blvd.

Wooten Park streetscape - a long-term concept to reshape the streetscape on Wooten Park.




Mixed use rail center near Anderson and Mopac

7/1/11 - Allandale, North Shoal Creek neighborhoods protest Comp Plan preferred growth scenario town center on Anderson. Comp Plan staff offer to meet with neighborhood leaders.

5/2/11 - Staff present Preferred Growth Scenario "schema map" with density in quantifiable units. Anderson near Mopac shown as Town Center (15,000 new residents, 5,000 jobs/offices). This is significantly higher density than was presented to neighborhoods on 1/5/11.

1/5/11 - The preferred growth scenario shows a mixed use district on Anderson Ln near Mopac. Staff explained this was based on a proposal to site a commuter rail station somewhere in North Central Austin. Both Allandale and North Shoal Creek NA's in 2008 successfully had VMU removed from properties west of Shoal Creek until the City shows how traffic from Mopac can be deflected from coming onto Shoal Creek Blvd.


Burnet-2222 Projects

Farmer's Market extended district


3/30/11 - Public Works installs ADA-compliant ramps near Burnet-2222.

2/05/11 - Austin Transportation Department rejects request to remove pedestrian-friendly sign at SW corner of Burnet-2222, on grounds that it alerts drivers to watch for school children. SN argues that the sign (and 17 other sidewalk obstacles) inhibits walking and biking, thereby making the intersection less safe.



Farmer's Market pocket park and pedestrian mall - concept only

Pedestrian and beautification improvements at Burnet-2222 NW corner - concept only

Lamar MS Safe Routes to School

3/15/11 - CapMetro moves bus stop on Burnet in front of Lamar MS, to make it handicap-accessible.

3/15/11 - Austin Transportation Department restripes intersection of Wynona-White Horse Tr, reducing risk of cars hitting students.

2/26/11 - COA Public Works sidewalk budget for 2011-2012 includes sidewalks on 2222 Burnet to Lamar, plus sidewalk on White Horse Tr from Nasco to Wynona.

2/05/11 - COA Transportation Department confirms it will install crosswalk at White Horse Tr and Wynona, and make intersection crossing safety improvements at Burnet-White Horse Tr, Burnet-Romeria, and Burnet-2222.



Burnet-North Loop Projects


Crestview Station Projects


Rails with Trails

2/15/11 - Per Chris Riley, CapMetro has commitments from Midtown Commons, Optimists allowing for future bike-ped trail along tracks from Lamar to Morrow. Midtown Commons owner wants to sell property and therefore wants to keep existing site plan intact - plan doesn't show a trail. CapMetro is therefore diverting funds to extend trail southeast between Crestview Station and Highland Mall.


Pocket Park at old AE Site


2010 - Discussion from City to convert five-acre site to affordable housing and pocket park.


Highland Mall/Airport Blvd Projects 


Reilly Pocket Park

2/15/11 - Highland NA continues to coordinate between COA, AISD, other stakeholders to pull together a pocket park on property behind Reilly Elementary School.



Highland Mall TOD 

 4/8/11 - ACC to buy third Highland Mall component.


2/15/11 - Per Chris Riley, ACC has purchased two of four anchor properties at Highland Mall.  They have a mixed use vision for the property that is supported by surrounding neighborhood associations.


Upper Waller Creek Trail - Concept Only