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North Central Austin Neighborhoods Candidate Forum

Eight districts in North Central Austin zoned for mixed-use or multi-family development, identified by Sustainable Neighborhoods as priority places to invest in open space and mass transit.

Monday, April 13, 2009
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Wozniak Hall
St. Louis Catholic Church
7601 Burnet Rd. - map

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The City has rezoned for tens of thousands of new residents in North Central Austin. How do you double population without doubling traffic? Here is your opportunity to find out what the candidates think.

Confirmed candidates (subject to change) include:

  • Perla Cavazos (Place 1) 7:00 PM
  • Chris Riley (Place 1) 7:10
  •   10 minutes reserve or for intermission
  • Bill Spelman (Place 3)  7:30
  • Sheryl Cole (Place 6)  7:40
  • Sam Osemene (Place 6)  7:50
  •   10 minutes reserve or for intermission
  • Brewster McCracken (Mayor)  8:10
  • Lee Leffingwell (Mayor)  8:20
  • David Buttross (Mayor)  8:30
  • Mike Martinez (Place 2)  8:40

Candidate Questionnaire

We sent an 11-question survey to all the registered candidates, asking questions of concern to North Central Austin residents.


About the Forum


The forum was initiated as part of Sustainable Neighborhood's 2009 Room to Live initiative.  We are seeking a Minimum Open Space Requirement (MOSR) for the city's new mixed use districts.  Allandale, Crestview, North Shoal Creek and Wooten neighborhood associations have passed motions supporting the MOSR, and Highland intends to bring it to a vote.

See the attachments list below for additional resources, including:

  • Your Very Own Urban Planning Glossary.  7 essential terms you need to know.
  • Density and Traffic.  How do you double our population without doubling traffic?
  • Map of Future Mixed Use Districts.  See the areas zoned for mixed use or multi-family in North Central Austin where we think town centers should be planned for and supported with transit and open space.
  • Existing Open Space Mechanisms.  What mechanisms are already available to get parks and plazas into town centers? How much space can they provide? Will they work?
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