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Shoal Creek Midtown Trail

Linnea Anderson and Brent Sjolseth have done extensive work through the Allandale Neighborhood Association to promote a series of park and trail improvements along the Shoal Creek bikeway, to be collectively known as the Midtown Trail.
The Midtown Trail starts at 31st and Shoal Creek Blvd and essentially runs up Shoal Creek to Foster creating usable green spaces and connecting properties of interest to the trail.  The trail could easily be extended north into North Shoal Creek, for instance by running under the bridge beneath Anderson near Mopac. The majority of the trail will be road bike, jogger, and pedestrian friendly, meaning it will be paved with either concrete or asphalt.  
A map of the proposed improvements is available at the following link:
Some of the key benefits of the trail are:
  • Much of the infrastructure/paths are in place thereby significantly reducing cost.  (approx 1-2 miles of paved paths would need to be added in addition to 2 pedestrian bridges, plus some improvements)
  • Trail connects Brykerwoods, Rosedale, Allandale, potentially North Shoal Creek
  • Improving continuity for bikes/joggers from Foster to Lady Bird Lake. (there is existing paved trail from 38th to the river along shoal creek, although parts of it need work)
  • Easier/safer access to NW Recreation Center 
  • Creating a safe crossing at Shoal Creek and 2222 by going under the bridge like the trail does many times from 38th on to the river. This would also bridge the gap for the southern allandale(shoalmont) neighbors to be connected with the main part of the neighborhood
  • Turning open fields (city owned) into more park-like settings.  These park areas could also be adopted by area residents to assist in landscaping and creating a sense of ownership (similar to the downtown hike and bike trail)
  • Would give Shoalmont a park and place for kids to play
  • Enhancing areas thereby making them more ADA accessible
  • 4.25-4.5 mile path around Allandale
  • Connecting large open area(used as park) at 45th and Bull Creek
  • Connects to NW Park, provides easier bicycle connectivity across the park
  • Connects to Gullett, Brykerwoods, and Lucy Reed schools
Please note that Sustainable Neighborhoods does not have an official position on specific details of this plan.  It is offered here in the interests of brainstorming.