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Burnet Sidewalk Zone

We want to plant 100 trees along Burnet Rd over the next five years. 
SN is working with "tree posses" from the Crestview and Wooten neighborhoods, the City of Austin Urban Forest Grant Program, and the City of Austin sidewalks team to establish a tree-shaded sidewalk zone along Burnet Rd from 2222 to 183.

The first 11 trees were planted on October 3, 2010 at Lamar Middle School. 
The next 10 trees were planted on March 13, 2011, in the area around the Burnet Farmer's Market.  

Another 20 seedlings were planted using waterboxxes on March 11, 2012, mainly at bus stops between Anderson and 183.

SN deferred a project to plant more trees on Burnet between 2222 and Anderson, since this segment may have significant construction in the next few years.
Instead, we are evaluating sites for 20-50 trees on Burnet north of Anderson, to be planted in October 2012.
We are seeking support from businesses along Burnet to plant another ~60 trees through 2014.
Our first such partner is Frisco's.  We have also received expressions of interest from the Infiniti dealership and Crossfit gym.  In such cases, we will work closely with the business or property owner to plant trees in a way that minimizes visibility issues.  In return, we hope to create a promotional opportunity for businesses that participate.
We will also plant trees on any corridor where an opportunity emerges. However, a review of N Lamar failed to identify many such opportunities due to minimal right-of-way and utility alignment.
If you are interested in helping to plant, maintain or fund tree plantings, please contact
Proposal for initial phase of Burnet Rd tree-scape to complement planned sidewalks - mostly deferred until we know more about the City of Austin's corridor improvement plans.
 An example of sidewalks and trees already on Burnet, in conformance with Commercial Design Standards ordinance.
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