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Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market archway is the only truly iconic 1930's-era structure on Burnet and deserves to be preserved as a pocket park.  This feature would create a distinct identity and focus for the resulting VMU district on this part of Burnet.
Farmer's Market is within the boundary of the Brentwood Neighborhood Association, which is not a constituent member of Sustainable Neighborhoods. BNA's main park priority is along Arroyo Seco.  SN would not support a pocket park at Farmer's Market if it undermined the possibility of other parks requested by BNA.
City Right-of-Way on Burnet Ln, shown here, together with a pocket park at the rear of the Farmer's Market, could create a pedestrian-friendly "calm" zone to complement the busier Burnet Rd "VMU streetscape."  Without this rear feature, future residents of the area may feel trapped on the side of a busy road.

As always, any such project would obviously require the support of the property owner.