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Lamar MS Corner

SN favors prioritizing improvements on Burnet Rd that encourage walking, biking and transit use closer to the major intersections at Burnet-2222 and Burnet-Anderson.  This may include rerouting or burying (for short but strategic segments) utility poles.  

The transformative effect of this approach can already be seen at 7th Street and Sunset Valley.  We'd like to see a similar effort at Burnet-2222, including on the Lamar Middle School (northwest) corner.  Many students today choose to jay-walk across traffic when crossing 2222.  Making the corner nicer and "cooler", for instance by installing an art feature, would encourage more crossings at the intersection where it is safest.  The rendering below is for illustration only - all details would be worked out in a public process.

Rendering of the corner of Burnet and 2222 if utility poles are repositioned or buried.  Art feature is for illustration only and not intended to imply an actual proposal.

7th Street and Sunset Valley in front of Govalle Shopping Center.  This streetscape looked a lot like Burnet Rd prior to improvements.

Steven Zettner,
May 2, 2012, 6:25 PM