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NW-SE MetroRapid Line

Sustainable Neighborhoods has long argued the merits of defining a new MetroRapid line that would run along 183, Jollyville Rd, down Mopac to Anderson Ln, to N Lamar, then on down Airport Blvd.  Some stops along the route with appropriate conditions would be rezoned as neighborhood centers.
Such a line, if implemented, would influence location of a MetroRapid station at Anderson and Burnet.  As shown below, the current CapMetro plan is to locate a station 400 ft south of the intersection.  This makes sense if no new development occurs at the intersection, and if there is no east-west transit line on Anderson.  The current location would reduce traffic impact at the intersection.  However, if redevelopment does occur at the intersection, or if CapMetro does eventually introduce a new MetroRapid line, the MetroRapid station should be moved to the intersection.
High-level concept for neighborhood center at Jollyville-Braker.
CapMetro MetroRapid plan as of 2/28/11.