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Anderson Urban Trail

The Anderson Urban Trail was endorsed by the North Shoal Creek Neighborhood Association in November 2009 and has been placed on the "A list" of mobility projects by the City Transportation Department. Initial requirements planning is now underway with the city's sidewalks team.
As originally intended, the Anderson Urban Trail would provide a continuous, safe and attractive bike and pedestrian route from North Shoal Creek Blvd at Foster, all the way to the new library on Steck.  Much of the route would run along a creek that goes north from Anderson by the Office Depot.  Photos below show parts of this route.
Feasibility analysis ruled out extending this route straight through to the library, mainly due to a bottleneck at the Infiniti dealership just next to the library.  Instead, the project will focus on creating a hike and bike trail from Anderson to Ashdale. This opens up the possibility for the many apartment and condo residents on Ashdale to reach destinations all around Anderson, by foot or bike.  The project should lead to a modest but measurable reduction in traffic on Ashdale, Rockwood and Burnet.
Extensions of the project include pedestrian zones along Shoal Creek, in the event of future redevelopment.
This is the view from the NE corner of the Village lot looking along the creek.
This is the bridge on Ashdale looking south towards Anderson.
This is the bridge on Ashdale looking north. The creek wraps around an apartment complex parking lot.
This is the creek behind the apartment, which turns east towards Burnet. However, there is a retention pond area that continues north before reaching the back of a building on the Infiniti lot.  The Infiniti lot represents the major bottleneck.  As a phase 2 project, assuming future redevelopment of properties along the creek, it might be possible to get a concession for a path along the west edge of the Infiniti lot, which is a parking area.