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Sustainable Neighborhoods between 2010 and 2016 worked with the City of Austin Urban Forest Grant Program to plant 200 trees on Burnet, Lamar, Anderson, Airport and 2222.  As of January 2018, 169 of these trees are alive and established.  Each tree we planted makes these commercial streets a better fit for our neighborhoods. Trees encourage more walkers and bikers, who in turn sustain more neighborhood-friendly businesses. More walking and biking also reduces area traffic congestion. People passing through our neighborhoods see a place that is green and friendly, not just along residential streets but along the commercial arterials as well.
These are challenging places to establish trees. Normally there is no water near the right-of-way. Most of our project funds have gone to assure the trees get weekly watering during the first couple of years until they are established. During the drought of 2010-2011, SN kept 100% of its trees alive through consistent hand-watering.