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Sustainable Neighborhoods is planting a forest on Burnet, Lamar, Anderson, Airport and 2222.  Each tree we plant makes these commercial streets a better fit for our neighborhoods. Trees encourage more walkers and bikers, who in turn sustain more neighborhood-friendly businesses. More walking and biking also reduces area traffic congestion. People passing through our neighborhoods see a place that is green and friendly, not just along residential streets but along the commercial arterials as well.
These are challenging places to establish trees. Normally there is no water near the right-of-way. Most of our project funds go to assure the trees get weekly watering during the first couple of years until they are established. During the drought of 2010-2011, SN kept 100% of its trees alive through consistent hand-watering.
PLANT AND WATER TREES.  Email to let us know that you would be interested in coming out to help plant trees in October and March, our two planting seasons.  Or better yet - help water trees in the 1-3 years after they are planted so that they get established.

ADOPT A TREE.  Promise us that you will water the tree for the first two years, and we'll plant it!  We're particularly interested in places near bus stops and intersections, since these are where people walk the most. If we get one person to commit, it becomes easier to find other people who will agree to form a team. Email
FEED THE FUND.  It takes green to grow green. DONATE ONLINE, or write a check to 'Sustainable Neighborhoods' and mail to 6811 Daugherty, Austin TX 78757.  SN is a 501C3 tax-exempt organization.
NAME A TREE.  For $100, or $20 and a pledge to water for two years, we'll dedicate a tree to your family-member or friend, (or whatever name you like, as long as it's not obnoxious). We'll create a page on our website for your tree with any comments you'd like to add.
JOIN OUR COMMITTEE.  Good at organizing, writing grants, meeting with adjacent business owners, getting other neighbors out to events?  WE NEED YOU!  Email and let us know you're interested. 
In the future, SN may organize other kinds of projects that contribute to the safety and attractiveness of our commercial streets. An example might be functional art projects near rapid transit stations.  Functional art identifies the place as a part of our neighborhood, while providing seating, wind-blocks, or something that kids can safely play with. We would like to work with local businesses to improve outdoor dining or gathering places.  If you have ideas for things that will make these streets a part of our neighborhood, send them to