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Lamar tree rotation

See below for a Watering Checklist, Watering Rotation, and Watering Rotation Rules.
Watering Checklist:
1. Get spigot key from under rock
2. Screw in the hose with the big white backflow preventer
3. Turn on the water with key.  The backflow preventer leaks even if firmly connected, so don't worry too much about that
4. Go to the tree area
5. Remove hose from fence (if attached). Try not to kink the hose, which is very easy to do.
6. Water each tree for about 3-5 minutes.  Move the hose around the tree's drip-line (about 3-5 ft from the trunk) - watering at the center isn't that good for the tree.
7. If possible, move hose back to the fence line
8. Turn off water, unscrew hose, hide key under rock
9. Email confirming watering
From the Lamar gym, go through the gate, past the white out-building, to the building beyond the basketball court near Burnet Rd.  If you can't find it, go to the Burnet-side fence, find the black hose attached to the fence, and follow it to the spigot.
Between the basketball court and the spigot is a ring of yellow rocks next to a bush.  Under the largest rock is the spigot key.
There are two hoses near this spigot.  One goes to the nearby garden, the other runs along the fence past the gardens.  It's the second one you want to screw in.  It has a white plastic mouth (the photo here shows a black mouth but that was removed).  Put the spigot key in the valve slot and turn the water on. Then go to the tree area at the far south end of the athletic field (if you don't know where the trees are, follow the hose again).
The last 100 ft of the hose may be loosely clipped to the fence to keep it out of harm's way.  Just pull gently to remove the hose. Recently people haven't been doing this, and that seems to be fine.
Water near tree's drip-line.  This photo shows a gator bag we used last year, but we've removed these.
You may need to pull the hose around the utility guy-wires.  Keep the hose loose so it doesn't bind (that's how leaks get started).
Watering Rotation:
 Date  Main Rotation  Summer Rotation
10/10/10 Pittman  
10/17/10 Minick  
10/24/10 Stafford  
10/31/10 Zettner  
11/7/10 Stoszko  
11/14/10 Minick  
11/21/10 Moyers  
11/28/10 Zettner  
12/5/10 Minick  
12/12/10 Stoszko  
12/19/10 Carroll  
12/26/10 Zettner  
1/2/11 Moyers  
1/9/11 Minick  
1/16/11 Stoszko  
1/23/11 Carroll  
1/30/11 Zettner  
2/6/11 Minick  
2/13/11 Matus  
2/20/11 Moyers  
2/27/11 Zettner  
3/6/11 Minick  
3/13/11 Carroll  
3/20/11 Stoszko  
3/27/11 Zettner  
4/3/11 Moyers  
4/10/11 Minick  
4/17/11 Carroll  
4/24/11 Zettner  
5/1/11 Minick  
5/8/11 Carroll  
5/15/11 Stoszko  
5/22/11 Moyers  
5/29/11 Zettner  
6/5/11 Minick  
6/12/11 Locklin  
6/19/11 Harty  Cohagen
6/26/11 Zettner  Donnelly
7/3/11 Moyers  
7/10/11 Minick  
7/17/11 Locklin  Cohagen
7/24/11 Harty  Donnelly
7/31/11 Zettner  
8/7/11 Randow  
8/14/11 Locklin  
8/21/11 Minick  Cohagen
8/28/11 Zettner  Donnelly
9/4/11 Moyers  
9/11/11 Locklin  
9/18/11 Harty  Cohagen
9/25/11 Zettner  Donnelly
10/2/11 Matus  
10/9/11 Harty  
10/16/11 Locklin  
10/30/11 Zettner  
11/6/11 Harty  
11/13/11 Matus  
11/20/11 Stoszko  
11/27/11 Zettner  
12/4/11 Harty  
12/11/11 Beisner  
12/25/11 Zettner  
1/8/12 Matus  
1/29/12 Zettner  
4/29/12 Zettner  
5/6/12  Matus  
5/13/12  Beisner  
5/27/12 Harty  
6/3/12 Beisner  
6/10/12 Sh Zettner  
6/17/12 Matus  
6/24/12 Zettner  
7/1/12 Zettner  
7/8/12 Pittman  
7/15/12 Sh Zettner  
7/22/12 Beisner  
7/29/12 Zettner  
8/5/12 Harty  
8/12/12 Pittman  
8/19/12 Sh Zettner  
8/26/12 Zettner  
9/2/12 Harty  
9/9/12 Pittman  
9/30/12 Zettner  
Watering Rotation Rules:
1. If it rains more than 0.25 inches the week before your watering day, you get a free pass.
2. You can do the watering anytime on Saturday or Sunday, or on Monday evening .
3. Email if you need to swap weeks.