2016 Meetings

Six meetings are planned for 2016, on the fourth Wednesday of odd-numbered months.  Meetings are at the North Village Library, 7 PM.

Wednesday 1/27/16 - Next Steps for the Burnet Rd Planning Process.  Agenda:  1) Review SN survey of Burnet Rd area residents undertaken in June 2015 to understand the area's strengths;  2) Discuss steps to achieve the SN vision for Burnet Rd during the upcoming Burnet Rd planning process.

Wednesday 3/23/16 - TBD
2015 Speakers
Don Leighton-Burwell, Brentwood Neighborhood Plan Contact Team
Allan McMurtry, Allandale Neighborhood Association CodeNext Committee
Steven Zettner, Sustainable Neighborhoods
"Three Visions for Burnet Rd", an exploration of visions and issues for the upcoming City of Austin corridor plan process
2014 Speakers
Matt Hollon, engineering team from City of Austin Watershed Protection and Public Works
CodeNext and Watershed code changes in support of creek trails in urban growth zones.  
2013 Speakers
Jeff Jack
Land Development Code advisory board member
Zoning rewrite process, opportunities and pitfalls.
John Michael Cortez
CapMetro Community Liaison
Review of Project Connect North Corridor transit plan with an eye to North Central Austin, Anderson Ln corridor rapid transit discussion
2012 Speakers

Roberto Gonzalez
Senior Planner
10/18/12 update on MetroRapid (rapid bus) on Burnet and N Lamar

September 20  - CapMetro planning workshop for Austin's north sector (downtown to Georgetown, Mopac to IH130)

July 19 -  Combined with North Austin Coalition of Neighborhoods, on transit and on Lamar/Burnet corridor initiatives

2011 Speakers
Chris Riley
City Council Member
City of Austin
2/15/11 presentation "Lessons Learned from Airport Blvd Corridor Planning" 
George Zapalac
Lead author of new Open Space ordinance
City of Austin
1/18/11 Presentation of Open Space ordinance draft
Ed Wendler Jr
Developer, Statesman columnist, former Planning Commission member
1/18/11 Affordable housing in neighborhood centers
Steven Zettner
SN board member
1/18/11 Intro presentation - Walk-around of Stuttgart suburb
2010 Speakers
Kelly Snook
Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Dept
City of Austin
8/16/10 pocket parks on transit corridors
Philip Gerdes
Parks and Recreation Forester
City of Austin
7/20/10 review of tree-planting sites on Burnet, Lamar
Garner Stoll
Assistant Director of Planning and Development Review
City of Austin
5/18/10 presentation "Land Use Planning of Suburban Transit Corridors"
Gordon Derr
Assistant Mobility Director
City of Austin
Kathie Tovo
Planning Commissioner
City of Austin
1/19/10 presentation "Family-Friendly Design" 
2009 Speakers
Chris Riley
City Council Member
City of Austin
11/17/09 presentation "Forms-based Zoning" 
Todd Hemingson
VP of Strategic Planning and Development
8/18/09 presentation  "MetroRapid Planning Update"
Caleb Gutshall
Urban Planner
City of Austin
8/18/09 presentation "Traffic Impact Analysis for TOD"
Tom Terkel
Cencor Urban
Developer of The Triangle
2/11/09 presentation "Lessons Learned from The Triangle"
2008 Speakers
Steve Oliver
OPA Design Studio
President, Austin Chapter American Institute of Architects
9/17/08 presentation "Anderson Lane Charette"
Lynn Osgood
UT School of Architecture
Todd Hemingson
VP of Strategic Planning and Development
Steven Zettner,
Apr 22, 2010, 1:34 PM
Steven Zettner,
Sep 19, 2008, 6:50 PM
Steven Zettner,
Jan 3, 2011, 4:21 AM
Steven Zettner,
Sep 19, 2008, 6:43 PM
Steven Zettner,
Aug 22, 2009, 2:31 AM
Steven Zettner,
Sep 19, 2008, 7:01 PM